AP&T DC3203 Ionizing Air Nozzle (DC24V)

  • Manufacturer: AP&T
    Model: DC3203
    Origin: China
    Guarantee: 12 month
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Output voltage: DC24V

Working voltage: High frequency AC2200V

Current consumption: 500mA

Power consumption: 12W

Working distance: 150-300mm

Dissipation speed: <1.0s(150mm from the front of the wind nozzle)

Ion balance: -15V~+15V(150mm from the front of the wind nozzle)

Operating temperature: 0-40℃

Working humidity: 30—70%RH(No water condensation)

Air pressure: 0.05-0.5MPa

Ion emission: High frequency AC

Odor content: <0.03ppm

Adapter power supply: IN:AC100V—240V 50Hz/60Hz; OUT:DC24V 0.5A

Air source connector: Ф6mm


- Nozzle:104.5*56.5*22mm

Different types of nozzles, the size will be slightly different

- Power Adapter:74.2*29.5*62.2mm

- Power adapter power cord length:1.2m

Net weight:

- Nozzle:100g

- Power Adapter:71g

- Power adapter power cord length:41.5g

Gross weight: 362.5 g




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