DaiHan DH.WHM8162 Stirring-type Reaction Vessel Heating Mantle (20L, 450°C)

  • Manufacturer: DaiHan
    Model: DH.WHM8162
    Origin: Korea
    Guarantee: 12 month
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Stirring-type Reaction Vessel Heating Mantle with built-in 50~75 rpm Mag-stir Speed & Temp. Controller. Powder-coated Steel-case. With 1 eax PTFE Oval-type Magnetic Stirrer Bar, L25mm

+ Capacity: 20 L

+ Dia.Ø x h: Ø25 x h47 cm


+ Watt: 2000 W

+ Inside depth: 48.5 cm

+ Outside Ø x h: 35 x 46 x h56.5 cm


DH.WHP503037: (3) Stand Rod, Ø12.7 x L520mm, "RD300", for Heating Mantles

DH.WHP503012: (4) Holder & Clamp "CL220" for Temp. Sensor



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