DOLANG DLWD-ETBE12D-L Primary Electrical Lighting Skills Assessment Training System

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    Model: DLWD-ETBE12D-L
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Technical parameters of training equipment

Input power: Three phase five wire 380V±10% 50HZ 

Working environment: Ambient temperature range -5~40℃


AC power supply:<1.5KVA 

DC excitation power supply:<0.5A   

Armature power:<2A

Dimension: 1810x720x1620mm (L*W*H)

Input power: Three phase five wire 380V±10% 50HZ

Working environment:  Ambient temperature range -5~40℃

Capacity:  AC power supply:<1.5KVA 

The total power control has the function of leakage protection. When the leakage current reaches 30mA, the protection device moves.

The grid voltage indication is provided with 450V pointer type AC voltmeters. 3pcs.

Experimental contents of primary lighting training equipment

1 Switch control socket and lamp

2 Two dual double control switches control a light

3 Three switches control a light

4 Control of incandescent lamp by sound control switch

5 Experiment of single-phase watt hour meter

6 Connection circuit of single-phase electric energy meter through mutual inducto

7 Wiring circuit of AC voltmeter and AC ammeter

8 Measuring three-phase voltage with universal change-over switch

9 Three phase power factor meter wiring

10 Wiring diagram of three-phase four wire watt hour meter

11 Wiring diagram of three-phase four wire electric energy band transformer



DLWD-ETBE12D-L primary electrical lighting skills assessment training system is designed and researched based on the teaching of conventional lighting circuits and outdoor lighting lines. Practical operation of electrical control circuit and practical electronic circuit can be carried out listed in the teaching material of “Lighting Circuit Foundation Installation”, “ Lighting Control Circuit” can make students' operation skills get good exercise and improvement. The training device not only can be used as the practical teaching for vocational school students, but also is an ideal equipment for assessing primary and intermediate maintenance electrician skills.

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