EXTECH HD700 (NIST) Differential Pressure Gauge (± 2psi) (NIST)

  • Manufacturer: EXTECH
    Model: HD700 (NIST)
    Origin: China
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  • 6,852,365 VND
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psi 2psi (0.001psi)

inH₂O 55.40inH₂O (0.01inH₂O)

mbar 137.8mbar (0.1mbar)

kPa 13.78kPa (0.01kPa)

inHg 4.072inHg (0.001inHg)

mmHg 103.4mmHg (0.1mmHg)

ozin² 32ozin² (0.01ozin²)

ftH₂O 4.616ftH₂O (0.001ftH₂O)

cmH₂O 140cmH₂O (0.1cmH₂O)

kgcm² 0.140kgcm² (0.001kgcm²)

bar 0.137bar (0.001bar)

Basic Accuracy ±0.3%FS

Dimensions/Weight Meter: 8.2x2.9x1.9" (210x75x50mm)/ 9.8oz (280g)




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