GOTT GOTT-IHE-0115 In-House Electrical System Training Kit

  • Manufacturer: GOTT
    Model: GOTT-IHE-0115
    P/N: 588-030
    Origin: Malaysia
    Guarantee: 12 month
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Single Phase FCCB - Code 588-031

Leakage Current: 30mA

Output: 240VAC

Input: AC 240V, 50Hz 1-Phase

Intermediate Switch - Code 588-033

Contact: NO & NC

Rated Voltage: 240VAC

Two-Way Switch (Left) - Code 588-034

Contact: NO & NC

Rated Voltage: 240VAC

Disconnecting Switch - Code 588-035

Contact: NO

Rated Voltage: 240VAC

Two-Circuit Switch - Code 588-036

Contact: NO x 2 units

Rated Voltage: 240VAC

Two-Way Switch (Right) - Code 588-037

Contact: NO & NC

Rated Voltage: 240VAC

Push Button Switch - Code 588-041 

Contact: NO

Rated Voltage: 240VAC

Current Surge Switch - Code 588-043

Input: 240VAC

Rated: Imax: 20kA, In: 10kA,


Fluorescent Lamp - Code 588-050

Disconnecting Switch


Fluorescent Lamp Socket

Dimmer - Code 588-054

Output: 110…240VAC

Input: AC 240V, 50Hz 1-Phase

Incandescent Lamp - Code 588-039

Incandescent Lamp

Input: AC 240V, 50Hz 1-Phase

Automatic Staircase Relay - Code 588-040

Contact: NO

Coil Voltage: 240VAC

Socket Outlet - Code 588-042

Input: AC 240V, 50Hz 1-Phase

Halogen Lamp - Code 588-044

Input: DC 12V

AC 240V, 50Hz 1-Phase

Halogen Down Light - Code 588-045

Input: AC 240V, 50Hz 1-Phase

Mixed Light Lamp - Code 588-046

Input: AC 240V, 50Hz 1-Phase

Choke Ballast - Code 588-048

Nominal Capacitance: 3.7µF. 2µF, 1µF

Fluorescent Lamp Socket

Choke Ballast

Load Bulb - Code 588-051

Incandescent Lamp x 4 units

Input: AC 240V, 50Hz 1-Phase

Electrical Meter - Code 588-038

Measurement Mode:

- Voltage & Current

- Power

- Frequency

- Power Factor

Input: AC 240V, 50Hz 1-Phase

Transformer Load Characteristics - Code 588-049

Input: 240VAC

Output: 240V, 190V, 110V, 0V

Load Resistance: 1.1kΩ

Load Center - Code 588-052

Miniature Circuit Breaker x 4 units

Kilowatt Hour Meter - Code 588-032

Speed : 1200 turns/1kW/Hour

Current Flow Board - Code 588-053

Input: 240VAC

Safety Connector Banana Socket

Power Factor Meter - Code 588-047

Range: 1…0…1

Vertical Frame - Code 297-000

High Level: Din Standard A4 with two shelves

Material: Aluminum

Side Frame: T shape

Size: 3-Layer 1450mm Length

Safety Connecting Lead - Code 237-001

4mm connecting leads

Experiment Manual - Code 588-055


- Commonly used electrical testing measurement appliance and error analysis

- Measurement method for reduced the error and the measured the range expansion

- Characteristic of mapping the voltage-current and measured the external power source

- Typical electrical signal

- Characteristic of rotational/gyrator

- Fluorescent COS enhancement

- Transformer Application

Manuals :

(1) All manuals are written in English

(2) Model Answer

(3) Teaching Manuals



The experimental panel system "In-House Electrical System Training Kit" has been created for learning of installation of the electrical equipment and electrical control. The individual units of an experimental set-up are connected via 4-mm. safety sockets which are arranged in large, synoptically graphical symbols or current flow diagrams.

Due to the vertical arrangement of the experimental panels, the experimental setup can be seen from a far distance and can be adapted step by step to the course of the lessons or lectures.

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