GOTT GOTT-TML-1 Power Transmission & Distribution Experiment System

  • Manufacturer: GOTT
    Model: GOTT-TML-1
    P/N: 157-888
    Origin: Malaysia
    Guarantee: 12 month
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Three Phase Transformer TL415KV - Code 157-889

Transformer for feeding the transmission line model 415V.

Scale factor 1:1000 for secondary current and voltage.

Nominal Power: 800VA

Primary: 3 x 400 V winding with tapping at 230V, can be switched to star or delta connection

Delta stabilizing winding can be connected.

Secondary: 3 x 380 V winding with tap-pings at +5%, -5%, -10%, -15% in star connection, various star Point connections possible

Transmission Line Model 415V - Code 157-891

Measuring steady state operating conditions.

Quad bundle 4 x 240/40, with surge impedance

240 and natural load 600 MW, length 360 km.

Resistance: 13 Ohm, 8 Ohm, 5 Ohm

Inductance: 290 mH, 174 mH, 116 mH Open

Capacity: 5 μ F, 3 μ F, 2 μ F

Inverter unit - Code 157-895

3Ø asynchronous motor speed control by PWM technique.

The Torque and Speed are able to be constant via the unit to easy control in testing operation during loads change.

Input Voltage: 380V, 50Hz

Output Voltage: 0-380V

Out Frequency: 1-300Hz

Max Power: 1.5 kW

Three Phase Power Supply - Code 157-896

Fixed and variable AC supplies.

Provided with start stop/stop push bottom EMO.

Three Phase AC Adjustable Output : 3x0-380V: 6A

Three Phase AC Fixed Output: 240/415V: 10A

Power Requirement: 240/415V, 50Hz

Resistive Load - Code 157-897

Compose of three resistances with possibility to connect in star/delta or parallel, controlled by

three switches with 7 steps variable per phase.

Max Power: 1200 watt

Voltage: 415/240Volt (Star/Delta)

Inductive Load - Code 157-898

Compose of three inductances with possibility to connect in star/delta or parallel, controlled by three switches with 7 steps variable per phase.

Max Power: 900VAR

Voltage: 415/240Volt (Star/Delta)

Power circuit breaker Module - Code 157-892

3-phase ON-OFF switch with auxiliary contact (NC) for transmission line model 380 kV.

Can be controlled manually using ON/OFF pushbutton or externally via switching contact, 4-mm sockets

Earthfault Compensation - Code 157-893

Inductance with 20 tappings for earth fault compensation in the 415 kV transmission line model (Petersen coil).

Inductance L: 0.005....2 H

Rated voltage: 240V, 50 Hz

Rated current: 0.5 A

Capacitive Load - Code 157-899

Compose of three capacitances with possibility to connect in star/delta or parallel, controlled by

three switches with 7 steps variable per phase.

Max Power: 900VAR

Voltage : 415/240Volt (Star/Delta)

Transmission Line Capacitor TL415 KV - Code 157-891 

3-phase in star connection, 2.5 μF each, corresponds to 50 % of the operating capacitance of transmission line model 415 K

Excitation Voltage Controller - Code 157-894

DC power supply unit suitable to supply 0-240VDC, 0-2A adjustable for excitation voltage in synchronous as generator operation

Three Phase Contactor With Overload Relay - Code 157-900

Voltage: 415VAC

Range: 0-4A

Coil: 240VAC

Electrical Meter - Code 157-901

Measurement: V, KV, Hz, A, KA, S, KW, KVAR, KVA, KWH, KVRH

Kilowatt Hour Meter - Code 456-014

Speed: 1200 turn/ 1kW/Hour

Accuracy : Class 1.5

Simulate Switch Board - Code 191-113

Rated voltage: 240VAC

Push Button X 3 units

AC Volmeter & Ac Ammeter - Code 588-027

Measurement Mode: AC

Voltage Ranges : 5V, 50V, 250V, 1000V

Current Ranges : 1A, 5A, 25A

Three Phase Induction Motor - Code 159-004

Power: 170W

Voltage: 415VAC

Current: 0.45A

Speed: 1500rpm

Connection: Δ & Υ

Single Phase Synchronization Generator - Code 159-006

Power: 250W

Voltage: 240VAC

Current: 2A

Speed: 1400rpm

Three Phase Synchronous Generator - Code 159-005

Power: 170W

Voltage: 415VAC

Current: 0.43A

Excitation Voltage: 12VDC

Excitation Current: 14A

Speed: 1500rpm

Connection: Y

Pulley And Rubber Coupling - Code 431-000

U-Link - Code 159-019

A unit which is wed to link the unit together

Safety Connecting Lead - Code 237-001

4mm connecting leads 

Vertical Frame - Code 297-000

High level: DIN standard A4 with two shelves

Material: Aluminium

Side Frame: T shape

Size: 3-Layer 1450mm Length

Experiment Manual - Code 157-902


• Symmetrical load and unsymmetrical load connection 

• Voltage and frequency control by inverter unit 

• Characteristic of transformer feeder 

• RL circuits in transmission line 

• RC circuits in transmission line 

• RLC circuits in transmission line 

• Earth fault compensation and its characteristic 

• Excitation voltage controller with motor generator • Characteristic of generating voltage 

• Measuring power in each line


(1) All manuals are written in English 

(2) Model Answer 

(3) Teaching Manuals



Using the Power Transmission Line trainer set it will be possible to assemble an absolute power transmission system. From a transformer with tapping switch to the power circuit breaker and 415V power transmission line model, including line termination with surge impedance.

Various experiments can be are carried out on this power transmission system, no load operation with natural load, asymmetrical and asymmetrical short circuit, parallel and series compensation of the transmission line as well as neutral-point connection.

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