HAIDA HD-B616-2 Hydraulic Tensile Testing Machine (60T)

  • Manufacturer: HAIDA
    Model: HD-B616-2
    Guarantee: 12 month
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Max. Test load: 60T

Relative error of indicate value of load: ±1%

Max. Ram stroke: 250mm

Max. Tensile space: 800mm(including piston stroke)

Max. Compression space: 700mm(including piston stroke)

Display: Computer control and display

Tensile grips for round specimen: φ6-φ26mm

Tensile grips for flat specimen: 0-15mm

Distance for two columns: 500mm

Upper and lower platen size: 200x200mm

The span of bending: 450mm

Width of bending roller: 140mm

Dia. of bending roller: 30mm

Clamping mode: Hydraulically

Transducer: load cell

Deformation measuring: YYU–10/50

Dimensions of load frame : 990×600×2435mm

Dimension of controller : 1140×700×930mm

All weight: 2800kg



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