Haier YDD-550-445 Liquid Nitrogen Container Biobank (587L)

  • Manufacturer: Haier
    Model: YDD-550-445
    Origin: China
    Guarantee: 12 month
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Large scale storage capacities from 13,000 to 94,875 x standard 2ml cryovials

Vapour phase storage to prevent cross contamination

Excellent temperature uniformity

One-touch defogging for easier access

Liquid nitrogen splash-proof feature provides safer operation

Blood bag storage options available


Maximum Storage Capacity

2 ml Vials (Internal Thread): 26000

Freeze Rack (100 wells): 24

Freeze Rack (25 wells): 8

Layers of each rack: 10

0.5 ml Vials (Internal Thread): 33800

Freeze Rack (100 wells): 24

Freeze Rack (25 wells): 8

Layers of each rack: 13


Volume of LN2  (L): 587

Volume of LN2 under the tray (L): 80

Static Evaporation(L/Day): ≤8


Inside Neck Diameter(MM): 445

Height (MM): 1266

Outside Diameter (MM): 1321

Operating Height (MM): 1104

Door Width Requirement (MM): 1124

Empty Weight (KG): 328

Gross Weight (KG): 802

Standard Accessories: Includes vacuum hoses (GRG-DN10/2.0)

Optional Accessories:

1. Square Canister FTT-10-55

2. Square Canister FTT-10-99

3. Cryosmart Level Monitoring System SJMU-700N

4. 50ml Blood Bag Cryogenic Rack YDCJ-6

5. 250ml Blood Bag Cryogenic Rack YDCJ-3

6. Level Measuring Scale 1000mm

7. 5*5 Cryogenic Box, 9*9 Cryogenic Box, 10*10 Cryogenic Box



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