Haier YDS-175-216-F Liquid Nitrogen Container Medical Medium Sized Storage (175L)

  • Manufacturer: Haier
    Model: YDS-175-216-F
    Origin: China
    Guarantee: 12 month
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    Hotline: (+84) 867820758

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Product Features

Durable aluminum construction

Compatible with all major cryogenic box brands

Large opening diameter and large capacity

Ultra-low evaporation loss

65 litre to 175 litre capacity

Standard Accessories: 

1. Includes a locking cover SG-216

2. Includes a cork with neck opening diameter of 125mm

3. Includes 6 10-layer square canisters (FTT-10-99)

4. Includes 9*9 cryogenic boxes (may be changed for 10*10)

Optional Accessories:

1. Trolley YSC-M

2. Level Monitoring System ZTC-100A

3. Level Measuring Scale

4. SmartCap LT-216

5. Relay Module SW-300 (Required for cork networking)


Static Evaporation*(L/day): 0.95

Duration of Normal Operation* *(Day): 126

Neck Opening Diameter(MM): 216

Height(MM): 1060

Outside Diameter(MM): 681

Empty Weight(KG): 53.8



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