HASEGAWA HH-6A Audio Signaling and Light Emitting Type Non-live-part Indicator (AC3kV~7.2kV)

  • Manufacturer: HASEGAWA
    Model: HH-6A
    Origin: Japan
    Guarantee: 12 month
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    Hotline: (+84) 867820758

    Phone+84 (24)62923267

■ Specifications:

Working voltage range: AC3kV~7.2kV

Insulation resistance: Between contact tip (metal fitting) and grip, 100 MΩ or more

Dielectric strength: Between contact tip (metal fitting) and grip: 20 kVAC, 1 min

Leakage current: At dielectric strength test: 500 μA or less

Indication of operation: 

- Light: It shall be possible to confirm luminance of 8,000 lux. Light is emitted in uncharged state

- Sound: 50 dB or more at a distance of 2 m. Sound is generated in uncharged state

Operating temperature range: -10℃~+40℃

Battery: R03(1.5V) × 2 pcs

Structure: Waterproof (Ingress of water is prevented.)

Weight: About 580 g

■ Accessory: Bag for housing


■ Features:

• Shape of the hook makes it difficult to dislodge even in strong winds

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