HASEGAWA HT-670 with lead wire Low voltage detector (AC 50V〜600V; DC 50V〜600V)

  • Manufacturer: HASEGAWA
    Model: HT-670 with lead wire
    Origin: Japan
    Guarantee: 12 month
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Working voltage range: 

AC 50V〜600V

DC 50V〜600V

Frequency: 50/60Hz

Operation starting voltage (Voltage to ground):

-Coated wire (sheathed wire): 

AC: 40 V with insulated wire (IV. 2 mm2) (intermittent operation)

DC: /

-Bare wire: 30 ± 15 V (continuous operation)

-At connection of lead wire: 

AC: 100 V LED light: 30 V ± 20 V (continuous operation)

DC: 200 V LED light: 140 V ± 30 V (continuous operation

Battery: LR44(1.5V) × 2 pcs

Battery life: About one year with normal use

Weight: 26g (except for lead wire)

* Without the casing



Sensitivity switch-over by slider switch depending on the detection (bare conductor/insulated conductor)

Grounding wire/DF01027

Optional grounding wire can be used for 

• Voltage discrimination function (discrimination of 100 V, 200 V) 

• Prevents unnecessary detection due to reverse induction voltage (Grounding wire should be contacted to grounded metal)

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