HASEGAWA HTE-610L-R Low voltage detector (AC 50 V~600 V)

  • Manufacturer: HASEGAWA
    Model: HTE-610L-R
    Origin: Japan
    Guarantee: 12 month
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Working voltage range: AC 50 V to 600 V common use for 50/60 Hz

Operation starting voltage (Voltage to ground): Detection sensitivity adjustable at shipment from the factory

Default: AC 40 V ± 10 V, contacting to the insulated wire (600 V ‒ IV. 2 mm2) according to Hasegawa standard

Battery: LR44 (1.5V) × 2 pcs

LED light: Turn on/off the light by pressing TEST button of the detector. The light is automatically turned off after approx. 30 sec (Auto power-off function). 

*The voltage detector is working regardless of the light ON/OFF.

Battery life: New battery: About 10 hours for continuous operation without LED light. About 5 hours operation with LED light ON.

Weight: 22g (including batteries)

* Without the casing



・ Built-in LED light with auto power-off function. 

Prevent unnecessary battery consumption when the user forgets to turn off the instrument. 

・ The LED light let you know when the detector becomes low battery. 

When the battery level becomes low, the LED light does not turn on. Then the users need to replace the battery. 

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