HITECOM YX-HSM61 Automatic screw feeder

  • Manufacturer: HITECOM
    Model: YX-HSM61
    Guarantee: 12 month
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 - The screwdriver tool has screw feed all the way to the top of the screwdriver.

 - Screw pipe + signal wire from the feeder to the tool end is up to 2.5m long,

- Bolting force: 0.45-0.55 N.m. Can adjust the force manually

- PLC (TCI) controls automatic tool head + screws

- The tool stops automatically when sufficient force is screwed, sending the signal to the PLC.

- Driver DG performs the task of tightening and removing the 2-way screw.

- Cicle time level + shoot 01 screw equivalent to 1- 1.5s.

- The size of the guide screw heads does not deform the product when shooting screws.

- The tool screwed two plastic products together according to the attached image.

- One screw driver = 01 automatic screw feeder + 01 screw driver.

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