HUMAS TOC 4000 Automatic TOC analyzer ( 0 ~ 5ppm, 0 ~ 10ppm, 0 ~ 100ppm, 0 ~ 1000ppm)

  • Manufacturer: HUMAS
    Model: TOC 4000
    Origin: Korea
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Items for measurement    Total Organic Carbon
Measuring principle    Wet oxidization (UV Lamp) / NDIR measuring method
Measuring method    NPOC or TC-IC (alternativeness)
Measuring range    0~5ppm, 0~10ppm, 0~100ppm, 0~1000ppm
Reaction time    Approx. 5 min. (90% reaction)
Channel    Max. six channels (optional)
Flow rate of sample water    Above 100mL/min., particle diameter <90um
Temperature of sample water    5~50℃
Resolution    1ppb (for 0~5ppm)
Precision    ±2% of F.S
Acidic solution    Phosphoric acid solution (20%)
Oxidizing agent    Sodium persulfate
Calibration reagent    KHP
Carrier gas    High-purity dry nitrogen : 0.2 ~ 0.8 MPa
Consumption : approx. 80mL/min. for carrier, approx. 320mL/min. for aeration
Calibration    Manual(max. five point) or Automatic
Power    AC 220V, 50/60Hz
Display    10.4 inch touch screen
Alarm indication on screen    No sample, no standard sample, no reagent, detector trouble, no carrier gas, transportation
tube exchange, UV lamp exchange, calibration trouble, leakage, system alarm
Alarm output    TOC high/low measurement error, instrument trouble
Data output    4~20mA (under 500Ω load resistance), RS-232 output
Data storage    Storage in PC and external USB memory
Applicable environment    5~40℃ ambient temperature, 5~80% ambient humidity (no dew condensation)



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