ITECH IT6162B High Accuracy Programmable DC Power Supply (20V, 50A)

  • Manufacturer: ITECH
    Model: IT6162B
    Guarantee: 12 month
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DC output range:

 + Voltage: 0~20V

 + Current: 0~50A

Power: 1000W

Line regulation:

 + Voltage: ≤0.02%+2mV

 + Current: ≤0.1%+2mA

Load regulation:

 + Voltage: ≤0.01%+2mA

 + Current: ≤0.1%+10mV

Ripple and noise (20HZ-207MHZ):

 + Voltage: ≤ 4mVp-p / 1.2 mV rms

 + Current: ≤15mArms

Programming resolution:

 + Voltage: 1mV

 + Current: 1mA

Programming accuracy (Within 12 months, 25℃±5℃) (%of Output+Offset): 

 + Voltage: ≤0.02%+2mV

 + Current: ≤0.1%+25mA

Display value resolution:

 + Voltage: 1mV

 + Current: 1mA

Read back accuracy (Within 12 months, 25℃±5℃) (%of Output+Offset):

 + Voltage: ≤0.02%+2mV

 + Current: ≤0.05%+15mA

Rise time (no load): ≤1ms

Rise time (full load): ≤1ms

Fall time (no load): ≤50ms

Fall time (full load): ≤1ms

Dynamic response time: ≤200us

Protective function: OVP/OCP/OTP

Communication Interface: GPIB/USB/RS232

Size (WxHxD): 483 x 88.4 x 664.1 mm

Weight: 30kg




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