Itech IT6302 - Triple Channels DC power supply (30V/3A/ 90W*2CH ; 5V/3A/15W *1CH)

  • Manufacturer: ITECH
    Model: IT6302
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Voltage: 30V*2CH; 5V*1CH
Power: 90W*2CH; 15W*1CH
-Voltage: 10mV
-Current: 1mA
-Voltage: ≤0.06%+20mV
-Current: 0.2%+10mA
Interface: RS232/USB/GPIP


Isolated circuits design.Triple output, all are adjustable.
Can set to serial/ parallel/ track mode
The voltage and current for each channel can be displayed at the same time
Small size of 1/2 2U
VFD display
High accuracy, high resolution and high stability
Built-in RS232/USB/GPIB communication interface
Low ripple and low noise
Can be monitored by computer software
Support standard SCPI communication protocol
Memory capacity of 50 groups, for save and recall
Isolated circuit, support plus and minus reverse

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