Itech IT8733B DC Electronic Load (0-500V ; 0-30A; 500W)

  • Manufacturer: ITECH
    Model: IT8733B
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- Input:
+ Voltage: 0-500V
+ Power: 500 W
+ Current: 0-30A
-Dimension: 82W x 183Hx 573D mm



Removable modules for  easy system cofigurability                                               
Dynamic power distribution function for dual channels,save your cost                   
Dual-channel module displays every channel information simultaneously             
Measure short-circuit peak current value                                                               
Up to 25KHZ transient mode and 100KHZ list mode                                             
Measurement resolution:0.1mV,0.01mA(10μA)                                                     
Measurement speed:up to 50KHZ                                                                           
Auto-test function                                                                                                                                        
Support up to 16 channels with mainframe extension                                                 
Output resolution up to 16 bits,voltmeter and ammeter reach 5 1/2 bits                 
CC,CV,CR,CW mode                                                                                           
Highlight VFD display for both mainframe and modules                                           
Support USBTMC/SCPI communication protocol                                                 
Output terminals on the rear panel                                                                         
Simulate the transient response and export measured values in time                   
Built-in waveform generator and List mode                                                               
Built-in LAN,GPIB,USB,RS232 interfaces

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