Kyoritsu 3431 Analogue Insulation Testers (1000V/2GΩ)

Insulation resistance
Test voltage : 250V/ 500V/ 1000V
Max. effective scale value: 200MΩ/2000MΩ
Mid-scale value: 5MΩ/ 50MΩ
First effective measuring ranges: 0.1MΩ - 100MΩ/ 1MΩ - 1000MΩ
Accuracy: ±5% of indicated value
Second effective measuring ranges: Measuring ranges other than above, 0 and ∞
Accuracy ±10% of indicated value
LED insulation state indicator indicating result by red / green color: 0.25MΩ/0.5MΩ/1MΩ
Voltage range: AC 600V [45 - 65Hz]/DC 600V

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