KYORITSU 6202 Portable Appliance Testers

+ Directive
+ Measuring communication circuit, measuring circuit, measuring soil resistivity ...
+ Measuring range: 20/2000Ω; 25A (20Ω range) 15mA (2000Ω range), DC-500V
570V DC
+ Parameters : 0~19.99Ω  ; 0~19.99/199.9MΩ ;10mΩ/10:Ω/100:ΩV; >500V DC(+50%/-0%)

The Model 6202 is a hand-held portable appliance tester, performing four functions to ensure the Safety of Class I, Class II and Class III 230V appliances. And also can measure the mains voltage.
Readings are displayed on a large liquid crystal display (LCD) below which are eight LEDs which unambiguously display a pass or fail indication for threshold values dictated by DIN VDE 0701/0702
This instrument is suitable for performing tests as required by the following standards.
DIN VDE 0701-1 (240):2000 Repairing, modification and testing of electrical equipment
DIN VDE 0702 : 2004 Periodic inspection for electrical equipment
RPE 20Ω+ / 20Ω- Protective Conductor Resistance Test
Measuring range 0 ~ 19.99Ω
Resolution of measurement 10mΩ
Short circuit current 200 ~ 250mA DC
Open circuit voltage ±5.0±0.4V DC
Accuracy ±2%rdg±3dgt
RINS 200MΩ Insulation Resistance
Measuring range 0 ~ 19.99 / 199.9MΩ (2ranges auto)
Resolution of measurement 10kΩ / 100kΩV
Rated voltage >500V DC (+50% / -0%)
Rated current >1mA
Short circuit current 14mA (max.)
Accuracy ±2%rdg±3dgt
IEL 20mA Equivalent Leakage Current
Measuring range
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