LEAPTRONIX AH-490 Customized Automated Programmer / Tester (U.P.H 3.0K )

  • Manufacturer: LEAPTRONIX
    Model: AH-490
    Origin: Taiwan
    Guarantee: 12 month
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Operating System

U.P.H.: 3.0K(Ignoring Programming Time)

-Positioning Precision :

X Axis +/- 0.02mm,

R Axis +/- 0.067º

Z Axis +/-0.02mm

X Axis +/- 0.02mm, R Axis +/- 0.067º

Z Axis +/-0.02mm, Y Axis +/- 0.05mm

-Operation Area(Max.):

X Axis 350mm, R Axis 330º

Z Axis 50mm

X Axis 350mm, R Axis 330º

Z Axis 50mm , Y Axis 300mm

X Axis 350mm, R Axis 330º

Z Axis 50mm , Y Axis 550mm

Pick & Place Method: Vacuum Tweezers

Device Detection: Vacuum Sensor

Dimension(With Alarm): 1160mm (W) x 1500mm (D) x 1800mm (H)

Net Weight: ~300kg

*Positioning System

Position:  Mechanical Positioner

Accepted Device Size : 30 x 30mm (Max)

*CCD Image Recognition:

Sensor: CMOS

Dynamic Resolution: 5 Mega Pixels

*Feeding System:

Tube Input: 150mil, 207mil, 300mil, 330mil

Tube-Output: 150mil, 207mil, 300mil, 330mil

Tape Input:  12~24mm Tape width Supported

Tape Output: 12~32mm Tape width Supported (By Pressure-Sealing)

Tray In/Out: JEDEC Standard

*Control System

OS: Windows XP

Display: 17" TFT LCD Monitor

Input Device: Keyboard/Mouse


Input:  AC 200V~245V, Single-phase, 3 Wires 

Frequency: 50/60Hz

Power Consumption:  600W

Air Pressure: 0.6MPa (~6.0kg/cm2)

Rated Air Flow: 32 Liter/Min.

*Standard Accessories:


   Not including Tray Transporter 


   Including Tray Transporter X 2 

※Both of the above include:

ATM-32 Automatic Taping Machine X 1

Material Recycling Machine  X 1 

AH-490 Series Manual X 1

System Software (USB Disk) X 1

Custom Programmers 1 set

* Optional Accessories:

• Tape Feeder

   ATF-1-XX (XX:Tape Width)Pneumatic Tape Feeder。

   ATF-2-XX (XX:Tape Width)Electric Tape Feeder。

• Taping Machine

   ATM-32 (8~32mm Tape Width) Automatic Taping Machine

• Tube Feeder

   STI-3-XXX (XXX mil:IC Width)Semi-Automatic Tube Feeder

• Marking Machine

   MK-2 Ink Marker,Replaceable Matrix:Dots、Numbers、Letters。

• IC Socket

   AH-480-XXXXXX (XXXXXX:IC package & Pins,referring to LEAP programmers) IC Socket。

• Press Bar

   AH-480-XXXXXX-XX*XX (IC Package、Pins, Dimensions,Referring to LEAP Programmers)

• Precisor

   AH-480-XXXXXX-XX*XX (IC Package、Pins, Dimensions,Referring to LEAP Programmers)

• Nozzle



 Open Platform Serie



 None:Tape in/out 

 None Tray in/out

 B :Tray in/out

 Optional: Tape in/out


 Optional Programmers:

 B:ELNEC BeeProg 










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