MITUTOYO 539-824 Absolute Linear Scale (0-1700mm)

  • Manufacturer: MITUTOYO
    Model: 539-824
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Length cable: 5m

Detecting system: Electromagnetic induction system

Resolution: 0.0001mm/0.0005mm/0.0010mm/0.005mm

           (switchable by KA counter setting)

Travel range: 120mm-3040mm

Accuracy: ±5µm (L0 = 100-500mm) / ±7µm (L0 = 600-1800mm) ±10µm (L0 = 2000-3000mm)

Response speed: 50m/min

Dust/water protection: IP67

L0 (mm): 1700/ L1: 1740/ L2: 1878/ L3: 1862/ L4: 1898/ L5: 479/ L6: 471/ L7: 460 

Sliding force: less than 5N

Applicable counter: KA counter and KLD-200 counter with limit signal output function



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