Mountz NFA150-A (145861) Brushless Robotic Electric Screwdriver (29.4 - 147 cN.m; 800 - 1700 r/m)

  • Manufacturer: Mountz
    Model: NFA150-A
    Guarantee: 12 month
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Driver type : Remote Start
Drive size: 1/4 F/Hex
Torque range: 2.6 - 13 / 29.4 - 147 N.m
Adjustable RPM : 800 - 1700 r/m
Size: Ø 1.33 inch x 10.25 inch
Weight: 14.5 oz / apprx 56 g

Remarks:  other accessories can be optional on the datasheet.





Various models that range from 0.9 - 10.4
Robotic style electric screwdriver for automated and fixtured applications.
Drivers include a front mounting flange.
High performance brushless motor design provides durability and reduces the standard maintenance costs for electric screwdrivers.
Designed for high production environments. Minimal heat build-up even when tool is operated continuously.
Over Heat Protection (OHP) and Over Current Protection (OCP) protect driver from damage or malfunction. Features a LED display that signals the tool status for the operator to view.
Can be connected with the Scout Screw Counter.
Requires STC40-FA transformer (power supply).
All models are ESD designed and prevent the occurrence of electrostatic discharge, which improves production yields, manufacturing costs, product quality, product reliability, reputation and profitability.
Ensures accuracy in fastening with precision automatic shut-off clutch once preset torque is achieved.
External torque adjustment scale.
Forward and reverse direction by switch. Start and stop output signals

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