MStech MSTUT-20T Charphy Impact Tester

  • Manufacturer: MStech
    Model: MSTUT-20T
    Origin: Korea
    Guarantee: 12 month
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Form : hydraulic servo operation with computer  control type

Maximum capacity : 30ton

Resolution : 1/4,0001/5,0001/6,0001/10,000

Minimum scale: 1kg

Display :led digital display

Load sensor: load cell and pressure transducer

Load valve: load control valve

Tensile test interval: 600 mm

Round bar: 8-20-30

A flat plate 0-10-25 (50mm wide)

Compression test interval: 600

Platen diameter: 100

Bending test interval : 450

Flexing roller diameter / width : 30 x120

Punch tip radius: 12R

Spacing: 560

Effective table size: 650 x500 

Hydraulic pump: rotary plunger pump AC220v or 380v 3 φ    0,75kw-1,5kw

Power: AC 220v-440v 3φ   60hz

Weight: 1,6





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