Oceanus RAN-16 Portable Radon gas detector

  • Manufacturer: Oceanus
    Model: RAN-16
    Origin: China
    Guarantee: 12 month
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Sensitivity: ≥8cps/[Bq•m-3]

Background count rate: ≤0.3CPM

Measuring range: Radon in air: (3~100000000)Bq/m3,

                             Radon in Soil: (300~400000)Bq/m3,

                             Radon in Water: (0.003~100)Bq/L,

                             Radon Exhalation rate: (0.001~10.000)Bq/[m2•s]

Repeatability error: ≤5%(Radon chamber concentration 2000Bq/m3,environment humidity 65%,temperature25℃)

Long-term Stability(8h) error: ≤10%

Power: Rechargeable lithium battery(could work for 35h continuously), or AC

Working temperature: -10℃~+40℃ /  Humidity: ≤90%

Probe: ZnS(Ag)

Data storage: up to 200,000 record data.

Operation mode: Single point inspection or continuous monitoring

LCD display screen

Sampling method: Pump-suction sampling(Flow rate is 2L/min)

Inspection time: Air radon: 1-30min, Soil radon: 1-10min, Radon exhalation rate: 1-30min, Water radon: 1-30min

Print data: date, time and the inspect data.



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