Palintest Colitag™ Total Coliforms and E. coli

  • Manufacturer: Palintest
    Model: Colitag™
    Origin: United Kingdom
    Guarantee: 12 month
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Colitag™ Refill Pack, 20 tests CT220

Colitag™ Refill Pack, 100 tests CT200

120mL Sterile Sample Vessel with Thiosulfate, 100 pack CT230

120mL Sterile Sample Vessel w/out Thiosulfate, 100 pack CT105

Colitag™ MPNplate™ 1600 Most Probable Number Device, 100 pack CT260

Sealing Tool for MPNplate™ 1600 Most Probable Number Device CT265

Handheld UV Lamp, Long Wavelength CT102





• Rapid results, ready when you are – available in as little as 16 hours when speed of data availability is key, the unique Colitag™ formulation allows results to be reported up to the maximum 48 hour incubation window without compromising data quality

• Simplicity and flexibility – use as either Presence/Absence or Most Probable Number test format with a simple three step protocol suitable for field or laboratory use. Only one reagent is required to support the wide incubation window available.

• Data you can trust – results are unmistakeable for positive and negative results for Total Coliforms and E. coli with the vivid yellow and fluorescent indication. The unique formulation also leads in minimising false negatives, particularly for chlorinated samples. 

Backed by over 30 years of global experience and packaged in convenient single-use sachets, Colitag™ is available as a refill pack and supported by a comprehensive range of dedicated accessories and Starter Kits.

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