Promax PROMAX 12 Cable TV QAM Analyser

  • Manufacturer: Promax
    Model: PROMAX 12
    Origin: United Kingdom
    Guarantee: 12 month
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Manufacturer: Promax

Model:PROMAX 12

Origin: England

Warranty: 12 months


Tuning range: From 5 to 1005 MHz.

Tuning mode: By channels or by frequency

Channel plan: Selectable

Resolution: 10 kHz

Indication: Graphic display with backlight



Analogue Channels: Signal level measurement on video carrier

Digital Channels: Channel power measurement by integration

through channel bandwidth

Measurement range

Analogue channels: From 25 to 120 dBμV (-35 dBmV to 60 dBmV).

Digital channels: From 35 to 120 dBμV (-25 dBmV to 60 dBmV)

(channels of 8 MHz).

Maximum input level

From 5 to 863 MHz: 120 dBμV (60 dBmV)

DC to 60 Hz: 60 V DC or RMS

Reading: Digital in dBµV, dBmV or dBm and analogue

by Graphic display with backlight.

1 dB resolution.


Analogue Channels: ± 2 dB (0 to 40 °C) Negative video modulation

Digital Channels :± 3 dB (0 to 40 °C) For 8 MHz channel


Digital measurements

MER (Modulation Error Rate)

Measurement range: 26 dB to 40 dB

Accuracy: ± 2 dB

BER (Bit error rate)

Measured before RS decoding


Measurement range: 10 E-2 to 10 E-8 (low resolution) E-9 (High

resolution), E-10 in Continous mode

Measured after RS decoding


Measurement range: 10 E-2 to 10 E-8 (low resolution) E-9 (High

resolution), E-10 in Continous mode

Constellation Diagram: DVB-QAM signals (Annex A/B/C) & DOCSIS /


Lock range: 50 dBµV to 120 dBµV (-10 dBmV to 60 dBmV)

Symbol rate Measurement: 1000 to 7000 Ksym/s for 16/64/256 QAM

Datalogger For each digital channel, the level and the

MER can be stored. (BER for data dumping to

printer or transfer to PC)

Modulation type: QAM 16/32/64/128/256 ITU J83 annex A/C,

QAM 64/256 ITU J83 annex B y QPSK

Bandwidth: 8 MHz

Frequency tuner: 62.5 kHz


Dimensions: W. 70 (90 at display) x H. 218 x D. 50 mm

Weight: 825 g.




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