ShutterStar X-3500 X-ray Inspection

  • Manufacturer: Shuttlestar
    Model: X-3500
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Dimension:940*1504*1630 mm
Weight:926 KG
Power Supply:Single phase AC 110~230V/50~60HZ
X-Ray Tube Type: Closed tube
Focal Spot:5 um
Field of view:0 ~ 70℃ tilt、360℃ rotate
X-ray Output Voltage:100 KV
Magnification:125(Geometric )/1200(System)
Camera Spec.:Image Intensifier+Digital CCD 25 frames/m
CCD Pixel: 1.3 million
Image Resolution:110 LP/CM
Image area:460*370 mm
Safty:Leakage<=0.5 μsv/h
Display:20" LCD monitor
Testable Weight:sample <5 ㎏
Work Table:X / Y / Z / Q Axis
Manual Operation:by keyboard/mouse/navigation positioning
CPU:Intel Pentium
Computer System:WINDOWS XP Professional
Report Output:Manual/auto save tested doc
video Function:Standard
Navigation:Automatic scanning navigation
3D View:Imitation
Void, BGA, Distance Inspection:Auto-inspect function settable
BGA Auto Inspection:set the counting of BGA inspection,measurement and bubble
Inspection Area:X / Y plane direction
Special Isolation:Non
Temperature、Humidity:0-40℃ 10-90%

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