Takachiho MPL-FF Fault Finding with Cable Locating

  • Manufacturer: TAKACHIHO
    Model: MPL-FF
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  • 106,032,000 VND
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 Output frequencies: 512Hz/9.5kHz/38kHz/80kHz
 Output power: 1W~5W
 Transmitting modes: Direct connection, inducitive, External coil
 Battery Type: LR20 x 8, Direct: 50h
 Visual indication: LCD with Backlight
 Measuring Function: Line Voltage: AC 0~250V
 Dimensions: 261x314x110mm
 Weight: 3.6Kg
2) Receiver
 Active Frequencies: 512Hz/9.5kHz/38kHz/80kHz
 Passive Radio: 9kHz~ 33kHz
 Passive Power: 60Hz: 45~65Hz
              : 120Hz: 95~125Hz
 Measuring Modes:
  + Model1: Peak/null mode
  + Model2: Peak mode
  + Model3: Null mode
 Pin: Alkaline LR6 x 6, Battery Life 18h
 Dimensions: 660x130x270mm 
 Weight: 2.1Kg
 Data Recording: Memorized 400 point of the depth/ current/ frequency
 Interface: Data transfer port
 Audio output: Internal Speaker, Earphone (Optional)
Measurement Accuracy
 2.0m  within 2.5%
 3.0m  within 5%
 5.0m  within 10%


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