Tektronix TAP3500 Probe (3.5GHz, 30V)

  • Manufacturer: TEKTRONIX
    Model: TAP3500
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Warranted electrical characteristics
Attenuation (probe only) 10X
Rise time (probe only) <140 ps="" tap2500="" br=""> <130 ps="" tap3500="" br=""> Typical characteristics
Bandwidth (probe only) ≥2.5 GHz (TAP2500)
≥3.5 GHz TAP3500)
Input capacitance ≤0.8 pF
Input resistance 40 kΩ
Input dynamic range ±4.0 V
Input offset range ±10 V
Maximum non-destructive input
±30 V (DC + peak AC)
Propagation delay 5.3 ns
Physical characteristics
Probe head size
Height 7.6 mm (0.30 in)
Width 7.6 mm (0.30 in)
Length 57.2 mm (2.25 in)
Other dimensions
Cable length 1300 mm (51 in)
Unit 1.55 kg (3.44 lbs) (probes, accessories, and packaging)
Net 0.091 kg (0.2 lbs) (probe only, using ME lab scale)
Power requirements
The probe is powered directly by oscilloscopes with the TekVPI probe interface.


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