TIME TC500N Concrete Test Hammer (10-60 Mpa; 2.207nm)

  • Manufacturer: TIME
    Model: TC500N
    Origin: China
    Guarantee: 12 month
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Measuring range:  10-60 Mpa

Impact energy:  2.207nm

Spring extension:  75±0.3mm

Friction of pointer system:  0.65±0.15n

Length of pointer:  20.0±0.2mm

Radius of spherial tip:  25±1.0mm

Working length of the spring:  61.5±0.3mm

Mean value of steel-anvil rating:  80±2mm

Flip tension spring rigidity:  785.0±40.0n/m

Operating temperature:  0℃~ 40℃

Storage temperature:  -10℃~ 50℃

Dimensions (mm): 

Hammer: 280xø60

With case:320x170x86 


Hammer: 1000

With case: 2200 

Standard Delivery


●Carbonrundum stone 

●Flip tension spring 

●Buffer spring 


●Radius gauge 

●Carrying case 

●TIME certificate 

●Warranty card 

●Instruction manual



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