TIME UniCUT 250Y Manual Cutter (2850; 500-3000 rpm)

  • Manufacturer: TIME
    Model: UniCUT 250Y
    Origin: China
    Guarantee: 12 month
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Cutting Mode: Manual/y axis Feed

Cutting Blade: 250x32x1.5 

Speed (rpm): 2850; 500-3000 

Max Cutting Diameter (mm): 80 

Max Cutting Capacity (mm): 80x200 

y Axis Range (mm): 200

The Brand of Motor: ABB

Power: 2.2KW 

Cooling Mode: Water-cooling 

Installation Conditions

Electrical Supply: Three-phase 380V; Single-phase 220V

Standard Delivery 

Accessory Tool Box 

Common Water Tank 

X Axis Feed Holder 

Cutting Fluid 

Open End Wrenches,30mm 

Allen Key,8mm

Optional Accessory 

Silicon Cutting Blade

Diamond Cutting Blade

Plastic Water Tank 

Vertical Clamp 

X Axis Feed Holder 

Principal Axis Stepless Speed

Electronic Brake 

Strong Magnetic Filter 

Exhaust System 

Vertical Working Table



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