Trek 30/20A High-Voltage Power Amplifier

  • Manufacturer: TREK
    Model: 30/20A
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Output Voltage Range: 0 to ±30 kV DC or peak AC
Output Current Range: 0 to ±20 mA DC or peak AC
Input Voltage Range: 0 to ±10 V DC or peak AC
Input Impedance: 25 kΩ, nominal (inverting/differential option
50 kΩ nominal)
DC Voltage Gain: 3000 V/V 
DC Voltage Gain Accuracy
Better than 0.1% of full scale
Offset Voltage: Less than ±4 V
Output Noise: Less than 1.5 V rms*
Slew Rate (10% to 90%, typical): Greater than 350 V/µs
Small Signal Bandwidth (-3dB): DC to greater than 30 kHz
Large Signal Bandwidth (2% distortion) :DC to greater than 2.5 kHz
Dimensions: 103.9 cm H x 43 cm W x 87 cm D
Weight: 73 kg



Trek ESD Brochure 2020

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