Tsuruga 3566-RY AC m-Ohm Tester for Fuel Cell

  • Manufacturer: TSURUGA
    Model: 3566.-RY
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  • 50,625,000 VND
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Model & Output    3566      -O: No data output
3566-03-O: BCD output, TTL level
3566-04-O: BCD output, Open collector
3566-05-O: RS-232C
3566-06-O: RS-485
  ※) -O: Judgement output
Nil: Open collector NPN
RY: Relay output
Measurement ranges    30 m-ohm, 300m-ohm, 3, 30, 300, and 3K-ohm, 6 ranges
Accuracy    ±0.5 % of rdg. +8 digit at SLOW sampling mode
±0.5 % of rdg. +11 digit at MEDIUM sampling mode
±0.5 % of rdg. +6 digit at FAST sampling mode
Measuring frequency    AC1kHz±0.2Hz
Measurement current    From 7.4 mA to 1.5 µA
Max. Applied voltage    60V DC for all ranges
Sampling time    50/sec at 50HZ, 60/sec. at 60HZ (FAST mode) 
6.25/sec at 50HZ, 7.52/sec. at 60HZ (MEDIUM mode) 
1.56/sec. at 50HZ, 1.88/sec. at 60HZ (SLOW mode)
Response speed    100ms at 50HZ, 84ms at 60HZ (FAST mode) 
800ms at 50HZ, 667ms at 60HZ (MEDIUM mode)
1.92s at 50HZ, 1.60ms at 60HZ (SLOW mode)
Measurement method    Four-terminal measurement
Power supply    100 to 240V AC, 50/60HZ
Weight    Approx. 1 kg
Dimensions    206 (W) x 65 (H) x 200 (D) mm
Accessories    Power fuse(1), Power cord(1), Input connector (1)


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