Vitrox V510i 4.0: Advanced Optical Inspection (AOI)

  • Manufacturer: Vitrox
    Model: V510i 4.0
    Origin: Malaysia
    Guarantee: 12 month
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Manufacturer: Vitrox

Model: V510i 4.0

Warranty: 12 months

V510i 4.0 : Advanced Optical Inspection (AOI)

The V510i 4.0 AOI system is a next generation solution for the SMT line, angle view inspection solutions for top-view hidden defects.

PCB Dimension

Minimum PCB Size (L x W): 50x50mm (2”x2”)

Maximum PCB Size (L x W): 620x620mm (24.4”x24.4”)

Upgradable PCB Length Option (L x W): 810x620mm (31.9”x24.4”)

PCB Thickness: 0.5mm-7mm (0.02”-0.28”)

Maximum PCB Weight: Default: 3kg (6.6lb); 7kg (15.4lb)


Top Side of PCB: 50mm (2”)

Bottom Side of PCB: 70mm (2.76”)

Panel Edge: 3.5mm (0.14”)

Maximum PCB Warpage Compensation: ±5mm (0.2")

PCB Transport Height: 856mm - 965mm (33.7”x38”)

System Performances

2D Inspection Functions: Missing, Offset, Skewed, Polarity, Billboard, Tombstone, Lifted/Bent Leads, Excess/Insufficient Solder, Overturn, Bridging, Wrong Part (OCV Marking), Pin Through Hole (Solderability & Pin Detection)

3D Inspection Functions: Package Coplanarity, Lifted Lead (Height Measurement), Foreign Material Detection, Polarity Dimple Measurement

Height Accuracy (Based on ViTrox Calibration Jig): ±2µm

System Hardware

Camera: Top Camera: 12MP CoaXPress Camera; Angle Camera: 12MP Angle Camera

Optical Resolution & FOV Size: Top Camera Lens Option:

      Default: 15μm telecentric lens @60x45mm

      Option: 13μm telecentric lens @53x39mm

                   8μm telecentric lens @33x25mm

Inspection Speed: 12MP CoaXPress Camera:45-60cm²/sec

3D Technologies: Phase Shift Profilometry’s (PSP) Methodology with 4-way projectors

Lighting Module: Multiple Color, Multiple Angle, Multiple Segment LED Lighting Head, Auto Calibration

Installation Specification 

Width: 1410mm (4.6ft)

Depth: 1500mm (4.9 ft)

Height: 2128mm (7.0ft)

Weight: ~1350 kgs

Electrical Supplies: 100-120 V, 16A/200-240V, 8A Single Phase

World leading innovation machine vision inspection providers building

Since its inception in 2000, ViTrox designs and manufactures innovative, leading-edge and cost-effective automated vision inspection equipment and system-on-chip embedded electronics devices for the semiconductor and electronics packaging industries. ViTrox's core products are its Machine Vision System (MVS), Automated Board Inspection (ABI) and Electronics Communication System (ECS).

ViTrox serves customers from semiconductor Outsourced Assembly and Test (OSAT) companies, printed circuit board manufacturers, electronics assemblies companies, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM), Original Design Manufacturers (ODM), Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) providers and Contract Manufacturers (CM) around the world.

On 24th June 2004, ViTrox was converted into a public limited company and adopted the name of ViTrox Corporation Berhad. Currently, ViTrox is listed under the Main Board of Bursa Malaysia with stock code of 0097.

ViTrox received numerous national and international recognitions and awards for its outstanding performance in product development and corporate performance, as well as human resource development.

At present, ViTrox is well recognized as one of the world-leading automated machine vision inspection solution providers with an extensive customer base in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Taiwan, China, Japan, Korea, India, Australia, Europe, Brazil, Mexico, the USA and more

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