Watanabe WSPF-RTW Dual-output RTD Converter

  • Manufacturer: Watanabe
    Model: WSPF-RTW
    Origin: Japan
    Guarantee: 12 month
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    Hotline: (+84) 867820758

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- Accuracy: ±0.1% FS (at 23°C)

- Response time: Approx. 25ms (0 to 90%)

- Allowable load: 

+ Voltage output:

  First Output 1 : 15V or less of voltage drop between output

  Second Output 2 : 7V or less of voltage drop between output

+ Current output: Load current 5mA or less

- Zero & Span adjustment: ±10% FS (15 turn trimmer)

- Operating temperature range: -5 to +55°C

- Storage temperature range: -10 to +60°C

- Operating relative humidity: 90% or less (Non-condensing)

- Temperature coefficient: ±0.015% of span per °C

- Isolation: Between input, output, and power supply

- Insulation resistance: 100MΩ or more with 500Vdc megger

Between input, output, and power supply terminal

- Dielectric strength: 3000Vac for 1 minute between power supply and input/output terminal,

2000Vac for 1 minute between input and output terminal

- Power consumption: Approx. 5.6VA (AC), Approx. 90mA (DC)

- Power supply variation: ±0.1% FS (within the range of rated voltage)

- Dimensions: 84(H) X 29.5(W) X 106.5(D)mm

- Weight: Approx. 150g



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