YuYang YY1016 PID / SSR Control Method Thermal Shock Testing Chamber

  • Manufacturer: YuYang
    Model: YY1016
    Origin: China
    Guarantee: 12 month
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Internal Dimension: (W×H×D)40×36×35 cm

Structure: Two chambers design(the hot chamber or the cold chamber)

Damper device: Forced air drived damper

Interior material: SUS# Stainless steel plate

Exterior material: SUS# Stainless steel plate

Basket material: SUS# Stainless steel plate

Refrigeration: Cascade refrigeration system

Cooling method: Water

Ambient temperature: 0°~30°

Preheating temperature: above freezing 60.00°C~above freezing200.00°C

Precooling temperature:  subzero 10.00°~ subzero 70.00°C

H.T. Shocking: above freezing 60.00°C~above freezing 150.00°C

L.T. Shocking: subzero 10.00°C~subzero 65.00°C

Temperature uniformity: ±2.00°C

Simulated load ic: 5.0kg

HT IN-Zone: subzero 65.00°C~above freezing 150.00°C/5min

LT IN-Zone: above freezing 150.00°C subzero 65.00°C

Preheating time: 30MIN

Precooling time: 60MIN

Senor: T×4

Controller: OYO-8226

Setting range: Temperature:subzero 100.00°C~above freezing 200.00°C/TIME:OHIM~999H/CYCLE:0 ~9999

Resolution: Temperature:0.1°C

Output mode: PID and SSR(control method)

Power(K.W): AC380V 50HZ 18KW



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