YuYang YY820 Electronic Reeling Twist Tester Digital Textile Testing Equipment for Test Yarn Twist (100r/min~2000r/min)

  • Manufacturer: YuYang
    Model: YY820
    Origin: China
    Guarantee: 12 month
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    Hotline: (+84) 867820758

    Phone+84 (24)62923267

Testing Length: 10~500mm selectable

Testing Range (Twist): 1-999

Test cycles: 100

Linear: 1~499.9 tex

Testing Speed: 100r/min~2000r/min (continuously adjustable)

External Dimensions: 970x250x310mm

Power Source: AC220V 50HZ

Standards: GB/T2543.1 GB/2543.2 ISO 2061 ,BS 2085 ASTM 1422/1423 DIN 53832 IWTO 25-70

Accessories: power line 1pcs, magnifying glass , Analysis needle



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