Cầu đo tụ IETLAB GenRad 1620 (0.01%; 20 Hz -20 kHz)

( Khách hàng chọn model, thông số chi tiết tại mục Datasheet, Download/video. )

(10)-5pF tới 11.1 µF, 2 hoặc 3 đầu nối
 Dải tần số 20 Hz -20 kHz (hoặc hơn)
 Độ chính xác 0.01% , Độ phân giải 1-ppm

Chi tiết



The 1620-A is intended for

  • 1. accurate and precise measurements of capacitance and dissipation factor
  • 2. measurement of circuit capacitances
  • 3. dielectric measurements
  • 4. intercomparison of capacitance standards differing in magnitude by as much as 1000:1

The 1615-A Capacitance Bridge brings to the measurement of capacitance, to the intercomparison of standards, and to the measurement of dielectric properties an unusual degree of accuracy, precision, range, and convenience.

High accuracy is achieved through the use of precisely wound transformer ratio arms and highly stable standards fabricated from invar and hermetically sealed in dry nitrogen. For calibration these standards can be intercompared.

Two- or Three-Terminal Connection Accurate three terminal measurements can be made even in the presence of capacitance to ground as large as 1 µF, as might be encountered with the unknown connected by means of long cables. The bridge has the necessary internal shielding to permit one terminal of the unknown capacitor to be directly grounded, so that true two-terminal and three-terminal measurements can both be made over the whole capacitance range.

Convenient Operation For both capacitance and dissipation factor, the balance controls are smoothly operating, lever-type switches. The readout is digital and the decimal point is automatically positioned. Each capacitance decade has a -1 position to facilitate rapid balancing.
The 1615 elementary diagram (datasheet) is also clearly delineated on the front panel of the bridge. Changes in connections and grounds are automatically indicated, as you switch the bridge terminals for different measurement conditions.

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