MMF VM22 振動メーター(1000 mm / s、RMS、5%)

  • 生産者: MMF
    Model: VM22
    起源: EU
    品物を保証します: 12 month
    • 要件クオート 要件クオート
  • 24,300,010 VND
  • 在庫あり: 2 Unit
  • 전화번호: いい価格のため、連絡しなさい
    ホットライン: (+84) 968060220
    電話番号: +84 (24)62923267

• Machine condition monitoring to ISO 10816-1/-3 /-6/-7 etc.

• Roller bearing monitoring to VDI 3832 etc.

• General vibration measurement in laboratory and industry

• Quality control

• Optical rotation speed measurement

• Non-contact temperature measurement

Measurement of vibration acceleration, velocity and displacement

• Display of true RMS, peak value and crest factor

• External precision shear type accelerometer with magnetic base,

built-in infrared thermometer and non-contact optical rpm sensor with

laser pointer

• Automatic detection of measuring points via the sensor base with

electronic VMID measuring points

• Graphical trend display

• Spectral analysis for acceleration and velocity

• Memory for 16000 measurements, USB interface

• PC software for measuring point management to MIMOSA convention

(ISO 13373-1) and measuring data archiving

• Headphone output

• Simple operation - no training required

• Engilsh, German, French, Spanish, Italian and Dutch language support

• Brilliant, power-saving colored OLED display

• Pocket-sized with economic AAA batteries or accumulators

Standard accessories: Instrument, vibration sensor with spiral cable, USB cable, headphone adapter (VM25),

instruction manual, plastic case





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