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  • 생산업체: EBRO
    Model: SL 3111 (1250-3111)
    출처: Germany
    보증: 12 month
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    핫라인: (+84) 969950220

    전화번호+84 (24) 62923267

For the validation of steam sterilizers according to ISO 17665 as well as for the validation of washer-disinfectors and washer-disinfectors for endoscopes according to ISO 15883. The set can individually be expanded or compiled yourself from one or more data loggers

The set contains:

• 5 x EBI 12-T441 Temperature data loggers

• 1 x EBI 12-TP226 Temperature/ pressure data

   logger with AL 101 silicone protection box

• EBI IF 200, 4-port Interface with USB

  connection and antenna

• Software Winlog.validation

• Carrying case „SYSTAINER“


Winlog.pro Software: Winlog.pro - The general software for programming and evaluation of ebro data loggers; Part No. 1340-2355

Winlog.med Software: Software (Standard-Software for the CSSD); Part No. 1340-2363




Ebro General cataloge 2019

Ebro Dataloger Cataloge 2019

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