EZ FC-7150U 범용 디지털 카운터 (1.5GHz)

  • 생산업체: EZ DIGITAL
    Model: FC-7150U
    출처: Korea
    • 견적요구 견적요구
  • 8,178,000 VND
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Frequency measuring range :  0.1Hz~100MHz in A,B input
80MHz~1.5GHz in C input(7150U only)
Trigger level adjustment for input A
Separate and Common mode selectable for input A and B
Period and Total measurement for input A
Time interval and Ratio measurement for input A and B
Slope mode selectable for input A and B

Manufacturer: EZ

Maede in Korea


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Model FC-7150U
Display 9 digit large green LED display
(Overflow, Gate time, mHz, Hz, kHz,
MHz, ns, ms, ms, s, Hold)
Range 0.1Hz~1.5GHz
Gate Time 0.01sec, 0.1sec, 1sec, 10sec
Resolution 1nHz ~ 10Hz
Accuracy ±Resolution ±timebase error ±1 count
Input Characteristics Terminal A, B, C
Sensitivity A, B input: 20mVrms, C input: 30mVrms
Impedance A, B input: 1MW <40pF, C input: 50W
Max. Voltage A, B input: 250Vrms, C input: 3Vrms
Attenuator A, B input: x1, x10
Slope A, B ±selectable
Trigger A Preset or Variable
L.P. Filter A, B input : 100kHz, -3dB
Multi Function for Input A Period Range: 10ms ~ 10s, Resolution: 1ps ~ 1ns
Accuracy: ±Resolution ±Trigger Error ±1 count
Totalize Range: 5Hz ~ 30MHz, Count Capacity: 0 - 999999999(Max)
Comparison Function for Input A, B Time Interval
Range: 0.1ms
LSD Display: 100nsResolution: ±LSD
±Trigger Error
Accuracy: ±Resolution ± 1 count
Ratio (A/B)
Range: A input: 0.1Hz~10MHz
B input: 0.1Hz~10MHz
LSD Display: AxN/B, N=1~1000
Accuracy: ±1count of A ±B Trigger Error ±A
Time Base Characteristics Internal Time
Frequency: 10MHz TCO
Aging Rate: <3 x="" 10="" sup="">-7/month
Temperature Stability: <5 x="" 10="" sup="">-6 (0 ~ +50°C)
Line Voltage: <1 x="" 10="" sup="">-7 for 10% variation
Frequency Output
Frequency: 10MHz, Amplitude: 2.5Vp-p
Impedance: Approx. 500W
External Output
Frequency: 10MHz
Input level: 20mV - 5Vrms
Impedance: Approx. 500W
General Power Requirement AC 115/230V ±10% (50/60Hz)
0~40°C (specified at 25°C±5°C)
225(W) x 260(D) x 80(H) mm
Approx. 2 kg
Power cord, BNC cable, Fuse, Operators manual


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