GOTT GOTT-ETT-1201 Electrical Transmission Training System

  • 생산업체: GOTT
    Model: GOTT-ETT-1201
    P/N: 720-000
    출처: Malaysia
    보증: 12 month
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1.Input power supply: Three phase-five-line, 415VAC ± 5%

2.Output power supply: Three phase 0~415V, with voltmeter indication. Single phase 0~250v with voltmeter indication. Three phase 75V/15V/1.8A

3. DC source: Fixed DC power supply 220V1A,±15V/2A,±5V/2A,with over current and short circuit protection

4.Experiment instrument:

- Digital display voltmeter : 500V, 0.5 class

- Digital display ammeter : 2A, 0.5 class

- Digital display voltage & current meter: voltage measuring range : 5V/50V/500V; current measuring range; 50mA/500mA/5A, 1.5class.

- Electrical meter: AC voltage measuring range : 415V phase ,accuracy 0.5 class.

- AC current measuring range: 5Vphase, accuracy 0.5 class

- Three phase active power measuring range : ±3.3kW,accuracy 0.5 class

- Three phase reactive power measuring range : ±3.3kW,accuracy 0.5 class. Power factor measuring range: 0~+1,accuracy 0.5 class

- Frequency measuring range : 45Hz~65Hz, accuracy 0.05Hz

- Active/reactive energy measuring range : 99999999, accuracy 1 class


- Transformer Vector Group

- No-load performance

- Short-circuit performance

- Load performance

- Zero impedance

- Asymmetric load

- Auto transformer

- Series connection of two lines (without capacitor)

- Parallel connection of two lines (without capacitor)

- Series connection of two lines (with capacitor)

- Parallel connection of two lines (with capacitor)

- Transmission Line Model 415V

- Electrical Meter

- Power Circuit Breaker

Manuals :

(1) All manuals are written in English

(2) Model Answer

(3) Teaching Manuals



The coverage of electricity in the Electric Power/Controls program is oriented towards providing understanding and knowledge of the machines, circuits and systems used to produce, distribute and control electric power in today's, commercial and industrial settings.

This domestic system also makes it possible for students to observe electrical phenomena through the effects of voltage transients and power oscillations. Motor speed and current control circuits may be investigated with various types of feedback, including armature voltage, armature current, Tacho Generator and a combination of voltage and current, PI controllers. Four quadrant control can be implemented for continuous and discontinuous current operation in single and three phase circuits.

Applicable Courses “Electrical Transmission Training System” is designed for such courses as “Electric Power and Control” and” AC and DC speed Control System”

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