KYORITSU 5510 적외선 온도계 (-40ºC ~ 300ºC)

Measuring Range :    -40ºC ~ 300ºC
Display Resolution :    0.5ºC . 1ºC for below -20ºC and over 100ºC
Measuring Diameter     (45mm/500mm(Optical sensitivity: 90%)
Laser beam (650nm 1mW JIS class2) specifies the center.
Water-Proof Property : IP67
Battery: 2 AAA alkaline cell batteries
Battery Life :Approximately 10 hours for continuous use
Housing material :ABS (antibacterial)
Dimension :120 × 60 × 54mm (Maximum value for each direction)
Weight :    Approx. 123g
Accessories :2 AAA Alkaline Cell Batteries
Instruction Manual: Strap, Approved Standard 
CE marking: EMI EN61326 Class B, EMS EN61326 Annex C
Stability:±5ºC under EMC test environment at 25ºC




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