WELLER DX116 납땜 인두 팁, Eccentric, 2.7mm

  • 생산업체: WELLER
    Model: DX116
    출처: China
    • 견적요구 견적요구
  • 연락처
  • 재고수량: 1
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Size: 2.7 mm x 29mm
For Use With:  Weller DXV80 Desoldering Iron



The new X series nozzle feature a threadless fixture system whereby
 the nozzle is inserted into the head and locked into place by applying a 1/4 turn.
Threadless nozzles for desoldering iron DSX 80 und DSX V80
Allows the nozzles to be quickly and easily exchanged
Improves the rate of thermal transfer from the head to the nozzle


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