Ampe kìm đo dòng rò KYORITSU 2413R (True RMS, 200mA/2/20/200A/1000A)

True RMS
*  AC A : 200mA/2/20/200A/1000A (50/60Hz)
Sai số :
±2.5%rdg±5dgt (200mA/2/20A)
|±3.0%rdg±5dgt (200A, 0~500A)
|±5.5%rdg (501~1000A)
*  AC A :     200mA/2/20/200/1000A (Dây đo)
±1.8%rdg±5dgt (50/60Hz) (200mA/2/20A)
|±2.0%rdg±5dgt (50/60Hz) (200A, 0~500A)
|±5.0%rdg (50/60Hz) (501~1000A)
Đường kính kìm :    Ø68mm max.
Tần số hiệu ứng :    40Hz~1kHz
Điện áp lớn nhất : 3700V AC trong 1 phút
Hệ số đỉnh : <=3
Đầu ra : Dạng sóng (AC200mV) và DC200mV    
Nguồn cung cấp :     6F22 (9V) × 1
Kích thước : 250(L) × 130(W) × 50(D)mm
Khối lượng :    570g approx.
Phụ kiện : Hộp đựng, Pin, HDSD


Chi tiết

Large transformer jaws of 68mm diameter makes it possible to clamp on all three or four wires (3 phases) together for leakage current measurement.
True RMS enables an accurate measurement for distorted waveforms.
Measurement from mA up to
AC 1000A
Frequency filter switch to eliminate the effect of the harmonics.
2 way analogue output terminal:
AC current detected by transformer jaws is converted to AC and DC voltage. Output cord model 7073 (option) is used for monitoring waveform with an oscilloscope or for connecting to a recorder.

TRUE RMS Ø68 MAX AC1000 Resolution 0.1mA OUT PUT PEAK 10/100ms Filter
|±2.5%rdg±5dgt (200mA/2/20A)
|±3.0%rdg±5dgt (200A, 0~500A)
|±5.5%rdg (501~1000A)
|±1.8%rdg±5dgt (50/60Hz) (200mA/2/20A)
|±2.0%rdg±5dgt (50/60Hz) (200A, 0~500A)
|±5.0%rdg (50/60Hz) (501~1000A)
Conductor Size Ø68mm max.
Frequency Response 40Hz~1kHz
Waveform : AC200mV against the maximum value of each range (1000A range is 100mV)
Recorder : DC200mV against the maximum value of each range (1000A range is 100mV)
Crest Factor 3.0 or less
Withstand Voltage 3700V AC for 1 minute
Applicable Standard IEC 61010-1 CAT.III 300V Pollution degree 2
IEC 61010-2-032
Power Source 6F22 (9V) × 1 *Continuous measuring time: Approx. 60 hours
Dimensions 250(L) × 130(W) × 50(D)mm
Weight Approx. 570g (including battery)
Accessories 9094 (Carrying Case)
6F22 × 1
Instruction Manual
Optional 7073 (2WAY Output Cord)
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