Mstech MSTSC-500 热冲击测试仪

  • 制造商: MStech
    Model: MSTSC-500
    来源: Korea
    保障: 12 month
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Model:  MSTSC-500 

Origin: Korea

Manufacturer: Mstech

Warranty: 12 months

Test area Dimension: 500x500x500(H)mm

Temp. Range(Heating chamber):  +60℃ to +150℃

(Cooling Chamber): -65℃ to RT

Heat-UP time: Approx. 20Min from 60℃ to +150℃ 

Pull-Down Time: Approx. 30Min from TR to -65℃ 

Temp. Controller: PID Control by Programmable Controller And manual Controller

Temp. Recorder: 100mm 6Point Hybrid Recorder 

Power: 220V AC 3 60Hz

Driving: Air Cylinder Elevation System

Safety device: Circuit Breaker, Motor Over-Load Relay

               :Over Heat Protector FOr Heat                             Chamber

               :Over Cooling Protector for Cooling                        Chamber

               :High-Low Pressure Switch for                                refrigeration System 

               :Various Fuses

              ; Alarm Mode



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