Owon XDG3202T 脉冲发生器

  • 制造商: OWON
    Model: XDG3202T
    来源: China
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Model XDG3202T

Manufacture: Owon 

Warranty: 12 month

Channel 2

Frequency Output 200MHz

Sample Rate 1.25GSa/s

Vertical Resolution 14 bits

Standard Waveform sine, square, pulse, ramp, noise, and harmonic

Arbitrary Waveform exponential rise, exponential fall, sin(x)/x, step wave, and others, 

total 150 built-in waveforms, and user-defined arbitrary waveform

Sine 1μHz - 200MHz

Square 1μHz - 50MHz

Pulse 1μHz - 25MHz

Ramp 1μHz - 5MHz

Harmonic 1μHz - 100MHz

Noise 120MHz (-3dB, typical)

Arbitrary Waveform built-in waveform: 1uHz - 15MHz

user-defined waveform: 1uHz - 50MHz

Accuracy ±1ppm, 0°C - 40°C


into 50Ω load 1mVpp - 10Vpp (≤40MHz); 1mVpp - 5Vpp (≤80MHz) 

1mVpp - 2.5Vpp (≤120MHz); 1mVpp - 1Vpp (≤250MHz)

into open circuit or high-Z 2mVpp - 20Vpp (≤40MHz); 2mVpp - 10Vpp (≤80MHz); 

2mVpp - 5Vpp (≤120MHz); 2mVpp - 2Vpp (≤250MHz)

Frequency Counter

Function frequency period, +width, -width, +duty, and -duty

Frequency Range 100mHz - 200MHz

Frequency Resolution 7 digits

Input / Output

Display 8”800 x 600 pixels touch screen LCD

Type frequency counter, external modulation input, 

external trigger input, 

external reference clock input / output

Communication Interface USB Host, USB Device, and LAN

Dimension (W×H×D) 340 x 177 x 90 (mm)

Weight (without package) 2.50kg


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Catalogue 2020

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