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Manufacturer: SPM

Bearing Checker is unique, being the first portable, pocket size instrument (weight 185 g, size 158 x 62 x 30 mm) for evaluated shock pulse measurement. Besides shock pulses, Bearing Checker measures machine surface temperature with infrared light, and can also be used as an electronic stethoscope for listening to machine sounds.
The instrument can be used on most rotating machinery, such as electric motors, fans and pumps, in a diversety of industrial environments.
Machine breakdowns are frequently caused by bearing damage. Timely failure prediction and detection is key to improving equipment and component reliability and cutting operating costs.
Unplanned downtime, as well as unnecessary repair work, can be significantly reduced by periodically checking bearing condition.
Bearing Checker makes a proactive approach to maintenance economically feasible for everyone. It is a useful and economical complement to your maintenance toolbox.
Without specialized training, potential problem sources can be detected well before damage is detectable by heat or vibration.
The Bearing Checker is inclusive:
- a Infra-red thermometer
- a electronic Stethoscope
- a manual, a Quick-Start instruction
- a DVD with technical docume





80323: TRA -73 External transducer with probe
80324: Beltholder for external probe transducer TRA -73
80325: TRA -74 transducer with quick connector for adaptors
80326: Protective cover with wrist strap for bearing-/vibchecker
80327: Beltcase for accesories
80328: Headphone with ear defenders EAR-12


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