TES-3079M 真有效值交流钩表 (1000A)

  • 制造商: TES
    Model: TES-3079M
    来源: Taiwan
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Manufacturer: TES
Model: TES-3079M
Original: Taiwan

HVAC Application :
-Check current draw in motors and compressors.
-Use MAX/MIN/Recording in the temperature mode to assess efficiency.
-Test run/start capacitors.
-Confirm low voltage control signals.
-Measure current draw of flame safeguard device
-Confirm power sources
-Analyze temperature and voltage or current data with the aid of the time stamp.
-Insulation test up to 100M 
Electrical Application :
-Check for energized circuits and balanced loads.
-1 ϕ/ 3 ϕ (3P3W/3P4W) Power analyzer.
-Evaluate electrical contacts.
-Capture motors in-rush current readings.
-Determine peak power demand periods.
-Verify line voltage stability.
-Monitor motors and other loads for excess heat.
-Check motors run/start capacitor values.
-ACA Inrush current
-Check 3ϕ phase sequence




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