TES TES-SS1 太阳能发展系统

  • 制造商: TES
    Model: TES-SS1
    来源: Taiwan
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Manufacturer: TES
Model: TES-SS1
Original: Taiwan

- Prova 200A PV Analyzer
- Prova 800 Multi-Input Thermometer /Datalogger
- Prova 8300 Light Radiation Controller
1.Control halogen lamp (or other light source) to emulate sunlight irradiance
2.Low cost for educational purpose
3.Standard pyranometer (sunlight sensor) to show true irradiance
4.User Friendly Interface
- Solar Cell / Module Table
1.Dimension: 300 (L) x 300 (W) x 420 (H) mm
2.Height from Halogen Lamps to table base:
* Adjustable from 90mm to 30cm
* Standard: 150mm
3.Solar Cell / Module for measurement: max. 300 x 250mm
4.Light sensor: 0 ~ 1500W/m2
5.with K-type Thermocouple
6.with Halogen Lamp (Simulation of Sun Light): DC 12V, 50W x 3 pcs
7.Input Voltage (for Halogen Lamps): DC 0V ~ 40V


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